Acne Scars Treatment

Most people see saucer-like depressions in their skin after acne clears. The skin may develop a wavy texture after the loss of its underlying support.


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The visibility of the scaring increases with age. All four major types of scars produce this effect. The major types of scars include: hypertrophic scars, ice peak scars, box car scars, rolling scars and macular scars.


Scars are created during the healing process. The body produces excess collagen in order to help heal the wound created by the pimple.

The ice peak scars are rather common. They appear as a physical indentation on the skin’s surface. Macular scars are flat and discoloured. The discolouring is produced by an alteration of the pigmentation of the skin.


Box car scars are angular. They can occur on any body part; however, they tend to be more common on the temple and cheeks. Depending on the severity of your zits, box car scars could either be deep or superficial.


The wavy texture of the skin is produced by rolling scars. Hypertrophic scars appear reddened, raised and thickened.


Treatment Options for Depressed Acne Scars

Over the years, the treatment options for zits scaring have increased. Thanks to technological advancements, tremendous improvements have been made on traditional techniques.


Surgery for pimples scaring has been so effective, that dermatologists do not give second thoughts, when recommending it. Dermatologists have different surgical techniques to remove, raise, fill and even separate the scar tissue from the underlying skin.

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How to Clear Acne

Surgical operations aim to replace large, deep scaring with smaller and flatter scaring. By converting larger scars to smaller ones, dermatologists hope to make the scaring gradually fade away.


Further intervention might be required after the skin recovers from the initial surgery. After recovery, your dermatologist might treat the smaller scar with a laser beam.


Surgery is often performed with the aid of local anaesthesia. Alternatively, you might be administered with some light sedation. Oftentimes, the dermatologist performs the surgery in his office.


Punch excision is performed with the help of a cookie-cutter-like instrument. The instrument is used to remove the entire scar from its base.

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Home Remedy for Acne

Punch elevation usually comes after punch excision. Punch elevation consists of raising the tissue underneath the removed scar; so that, all tissues are at the same level.


If the depression left by removing the scar is too deep, your dermatologist might perform a punch graft. Punch graft consist of taking healthy skin from another body part to fill up the depression from the scar.


Subcutaneous incision consists of using a surgical probe to separate the scar tissue from the skin. Subcutaneous incision simultaneously raises the skin underneath the scar to the level of the surrounding skin.


After the surgery, you may be required to continue treatment at home. The home treatment may consist of changing bandages and soaking the treated skin.


The effects of surgery are often not immediately apparent. You might have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks to see the effects.

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Vitamins for Acne

Removing Scars with the Acne Clear Pore System

It is fine and dandy to remove scars. It is best to avoid the scars in the first place. Thanks to the clear pores system, you do not have to worry about removing scars.


The clear pores system heals your acne outbreaks without leaving scars. The formula uses a holistic approach to the treatment of zits.


The formula is based on herbal supplements. Some of the natural ingredients used in the formula include: dandelion root, burdock root, Aloe Vera, Echinacea purpurea, sarsaparilla root, licorice root, turmeric, Atlantic kelp, cayenne and partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil.


The clear pores system does not simply contain ingredients with antibiotic and antimicrobial properties; but it also contains enzymes that use optimal naturopathic pathways to help regulate hormones.

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Natural Acne Treatment

It facilitates the flushing of the body’s waste products and toxins. It cleanses the liver and purifies your blood. As a result, your metabolism is improved.


The deep facial gel that comes with the clear pores system revitalizes your sebaceous glands. It sloughs away the dead skin cells in order to promote healthy cell regeneration.


The treatment is scar-free and long lasting because it restores the natural PH balance of your skin. Order the clinically acclaimed clear pores system now and blast your acne away without leaving scars.