Best Cellulite Treatment

The best treatment for cellulite can be evaluated by the following metrics: efficacy, durability and affordability.
Efficacy is the main metric by which any treatment is evaluated; even though, another non-negligible metric is the possible side-effects of the treatment.
The first thing everyone wants to know; is if the treatment works. The second question; is the treatment temporary or permanent. Affordability refers to the total costs versus the benefit.

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Cellulite Treatment

All treatments for cellulite (cottage cheese, hail damage, mattress phenomenon, orange peel syndrome) are not created equal. In spite of the incessant hype, some do not even work.
For example, spa massage therapy does little to alleviate symptoms. The effects of any gains achieved, wanes off, after a few days.
Other treatment methods such as ultrasound therapy, radio-frequency therapy and liposuction do actually work but their effects are short lived. Their effects are short lived because they only handle one aspect of hail damage.
Cellulaze is a laser surgery technique that has the same shortcoming. The results are short lived because the technique only deals with the chunks of fat.
The cost of cellulaze laser surgery is even more outrageous. On average, a surgical intervention costs $10,000. The cost varies with the size of the surface area to be treated.

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Remy Lacroix Cellulite-free

The best treatment consists of combining good nutrition, targeted exercises and the dermatology cellulite solution.
To understand why this treatment is the best, you need to understand what causes cottage cheese.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cottage cheese is the dimpled and lumpy appearance that develops on the lower limbs (legs, hips, buttocks and thighs). In some cases, it might develop on the abdomen, bosom and arms.
The visible lumps and bumps of hail damage result from chunks of fat pushing through connective tissues. Connective tissues connect the skin to the muscles.
Within the connective tissues are found compartments (lipid boxes) which contain pockets of fat. The degradation of these connective tissues causes the pockets of fat to bulge against the skin’s surface.

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Cellulite Removal

Remember, hail damage is the result of the interplay of two elements: chunks of fat and connective tissues.
Obesity is not a causal factor; however, any factor the leads to an increase in the saturated fats in your body can unleash hail damage. For example, your diet and your metabolism are both causal factors.
Any factor that impacts the strength and flexibility of connective tissues can unleash hail damage.
Factors that impact the health of connective tissues include: genetics, the extracellular matrix, hormonal changes, physiology, the microcirculatory system and gender-specific skin architecture.
The gender-specific skin architecture of men and women accounts for the huge difference in occurrence between men and women. 90% of orange peel syndrome cases occur in women.

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Cellulite Exercises

Women have thinner skin and a higher percentage of body fat. Also the connective tissues in women are more sparsely laid out.

Cellulite Treatment

As stated above, the best treatment consists of combining good nutrition, targeted exercise and the dermatology solution.
Nutrition is a dominant aspect of your skin health. Water is a very important part of your nutrition.
Drink at least one liter of water per day. Water participates in almost every bodily function. It regulates your calories and helps to reduce your cholesterol level.
Water facilitates the expulsion of urea nitrogen. Urea nitrogen is the most toxic waste in the bloodstream. It is a by-product of cellular respiration. If allowed to accumulate, it might form kidney stones, thus destroying your kidney.

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How to Remove Cellulite

Urea nitrogen is soluble in water. By drinking plenty of water, your kidney will be able to safely and efficiently evacuate the wastes.
Increase your intake of fiber (roughage). Fiber facilitates metabolism. Great sources of fiber include: cauliflower, lima beans, kidney beans, artichoke, lentils, split peas, cereals and spinach.
Perform high intensity exercises.
Do not engage in low-intensity cardio such as jogging or swimming. Low-intensity cardio might help you to lose weight but it will not strengthen and tone your connective tissues.
Just losing weight is not enough. You must tone your connective tissues.

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Jada Stevens Cellulite-free

Remember both thin and fat women can develop cottage cheese thighs. So, losing weight and becoming thin is not a surefire path to the eradication of the mattress phenomenon.
Effective high-intensity exercises include sprinting and shadow boxing. Also perform strength and resistance training exercises such as squatting, weight lifting and lunging.
Finalize your treatment with the powerful dermatology cellulite solution.
The potent dermatology formula will restore your PH balance. Order the clinically acclaimed dermatology formula now and get the lean thighs you deserve.