6 Tips that will Accelerate Your Relief From Hemorrhoids

The itching and irritation of hemorrhoids (piles) can drive you insane. Hemorrhoids are painful, but the real distraught comes from the sporadic irritations.

Pathological hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids) occur, when the veins in your anal or rectal region become swollen or inflamed. You can either have internal or external haemorrhoids.

Internal haemorrhoids occur inside the rectum. They are sometimes called rectal lump or lump in the rectum. Internal haemorrhoids are generally painless. Bleeding is the early symptom of internal haemorrhoids. When afflicted, you’ll notice bright red blood on your stool, toilet bowl and tissue paper.

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External haemorrhoids occur on the realm of the anus. They are painful from the get go. The itchiness and irritation, they provoke, is highly reputed. External haemorrhoids become extremely painful, if thrombosed.

Thrombosis is the blockage of circulation due to the clotting of cells in blood vessels.

You can greatly accelerate your recovery from haemorrhoids by making a few lifestyle changes.

6 Smart Tips that will Terminate the Agony of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are caused by high intra-abdominal pressure. If you eliminate the cause of any affliction, the affliction quickly disappears. These tips are geared towards curbing the factors, that increase abdominal or bowel pressure.

High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid
High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid

Eat high fiber foods!

Soluble and insoluble fiber absorbs water as food moves through the digestive track. This makes your stool soft, gelatinous and easy to pass. Insoluble fiber is far more effective at absorbing and retaining water. The prominent sources of insoluble fiber include: whole grains, wheat bran, corn bran, seeds, nuts, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, dark leafy vegetables, raisins, grapes and root vegetable skins.

You run the risk of suffering from bouts of constipation or diarrhea, if you consume insufficient fiber. Both constipation and diarrhea are notorious for altering bowel pressure.

Perform your kegel exercises regularly!

Hemorrhoids occur in both men and women at roughly the same frequency. However, the frequency of occurrence in women is way higher during pregnancy and childbirth.

Your body undergoes novel and sweeping changes during pregnancy. Each trimester is dominated by powerful hormones; that guide the development of the fetus. The first trimester is dominated by hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).

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HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) reduces the effectiveness of your immune system. It does this to prevent your body from rejecting the embryo. If your immune system is allowed to function at full capacity, it will reject the newly forming embryo as a foreign intruder.

This is good for the health of the embryo, but not so good for the mother. The mother now becomes more vulnerable to hemorrhoids.

In the third trimester, estrogen softens your venal walls, causing them to dilate easily. Hence, the veins in your anal and rectal region swell upon the slightest increase in pressure.

The fetus is also heaviest in the third and final trimester. The weight of fetus exerts incredible pressure on the lower bowels.

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Childbirth can be a cause of piles on its own merit. The pushing and straining during labour exerts enormous pressure on the lower bowels.

Kegel exercise speeds up postpartum hemorrhoid relief. To perform kegel exercises, simply tighten your vaginal and anal muscles for 5 to 10seconds. Then relax. Repeat the exercises for about 5minutes.

These exercises increase the circulation of blood in your vaginal and anal region. It also strengthens the pelvic floor and the vaginal muscles.

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Clean up with wet wipes!

Dry tissue paper can be very abrasive and will exacerbate your aches. Also avoid perfumed toilet paper. Perfumes are alcohols. Alcohols are volatile liquids. They will quickly evaporate, leaving your ass scorched and sore.

Use wet wipes! Simply soaking your tissue in plain water will do the trick. However, you’ll get a more soothing experience by using wipes that have been treated with Witch Hazel, Walgreens or Aloe Vera.

Stop straining!

Excessive straining to pass stool is a bad practice. It directly brings huge pressure to bear upon the rectal cavity.

Use a stool softener, if your stool isn’t passing. Drink voluminous quantities of water and eat some bananas. Wait, until you feel the urge to take a dump, before hitting the loo.

Quick Home Care Remedy

Use a sitz bath!

A sitz (hip) bath is a device, which allows you to soak your bum in warm water. You can get a good sitz bath from your local drugstore. Some people prefer transforming their bathtubs into a makeshift sitz bath.

Warm water is recommended for sitz baths; however, many people report experiencing a more soothing relief by alternating between warm and cold water. You might also get better relief by adding some salt, vinegar or baking soda in the water.

Lie on your side whenever possible!

Prolonged sitting and standing can cause hemorrhoids. Prolonged sitting curbs blood flow to the anal region. It diminishes the blood flowing through the vena cava. Lie on your side as often as possible.

Get up and walk around. Exercise regularly. This will increase the circulation of blood in your body.


Implement the six tips above and you are guaranteed to get a quicker recovery. If you want a more powerful remedy, use venapro. Venapro is an effective and reliable hemorrhoid home care remedy.

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