Vapor Cigarettes

The explosion in the sales of vapor cigarettes is unprecedented.
These days, you can hardly move two blocks without spotting someone vaping away. “It is the greatest invention since slice bread,” says PhD Julia Louis.
It is hard to believe that electronic cigarettes were only invented in 2003. The breakthrough experienced by this relatively new product is spectacular.
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Electronic cars have been around for decades but they have not been embraced by motorists.
Hydrogen powered cars have been around for decades; yet, no one is really interested in using them.
New products have a hard time breaking into already colonized markets. It takes nothing less than true merit for a product to make its mark.
Consumers are giving personal vaporizers all the merit they deserve. Today, e-cigs have become the preferred method of quitting smoking.
For decades, the desire to quit smoking has featured in the top priority of people’s “new year” resolutions.
As you well know, making a “new year” resolution is all too easy. The difficult part is in following through.
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Electronic Cigarette – Nicole Mejia

When it comes to following through, people fail abysmally. This is because smoking creates actual neurological pathways in your brain.
These neurological pathways crave daily stimulation. Any attempt at withdrawal will produce pain and agony.
In order to relieve the pain and agony, the smoker will invariably return to smoking.
Smoking is like any other habit. The most effective means to stop any habit is not withdrawal, rather replacing the habit with a different one.
Vaping provides smokers with the unique opportunity of replacing regular tobacco for electronic cigarettes.

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Best Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes offer a variety of unbeatable advantages over traditional cigarettes.
E-cigs provide vapers with a means of getting their nicotine fix without the poisoning that comes from burning tar.
The combustion of tar releases more than 410 different toxins. Smoking traditional cigarettes poison every single organ of your body.
No burning is involved with e-cigs. As a result, all the poisoning associated with tar is avoided.
In addition, the absence of burning means that ash is never produced. Hence, the need of an ash tray is eliminated.
The absence of burning provides another more conspicuous advantage.

Electronic Cigarette Brands – Jordan Carver

Most smokers have no clue of the number of fire accidents that are accidentally caused by smokers.
In the state of California, 90% of fires are accidentally caused by smokers. Countless people have died because some dude failed to put out his cigarette butt.
Traditional cigarettes do not only kill slowly after years of carcinogenic poisoning, but they also kill dramatically through burning.
Most smokers are unaware of just how pungent and repelling the smell of cigarettes smoke is.
The smell of cigarette smoke is extremely poignant. It will stick on your hair, clothes and car.
The smell will invade and colonize your house. It will stick on your furniture, walls and ceiling.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Your breath will be stronger than the odour of rotten eggs. After a while, smokers get used to this smell and cease to notice it.
Even though, smokers cease to notice the smell, everyone else around them does. If you have a non-smoking partner, you’ll never hear the end of it.
Personal vaporizers completely eliminate this problem. They do not produce any odour.
The habit of smoking can be very costly. Back in the 1980s, a good packet of cigarettes only costed a dollar.
These days, you won’t get any for less than $5. Even for moderate smokers, who consume half a packet per day, this can amount to more than $900 per year.
In some countries, that’s a guy’s monthly paycheck. Personal vaporizers will help you to save all that money.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

With personal vaporizers, only the initial investment in a starter kit is costly. After the initial starter kit cost, you only need to spend money on the e-liquid refill.
Vaping is the way of the future. Order your starter kit today and join the trend setters.
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Deer Velvet Antler

Deer velvet antler has taken over the news networks by storm.

The media has pounced on this news like a lion on a delicious prey. The media is devouring its prey with gusto.

Once upon a time, we relied on the media to inform and educate us. These days, the mainstream media machine has become a huge entertainment enterprise. They are only interested in whatever gets the public tuned in.

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Deer Velvet Antler Pills

Scandal is what gets the public tuned in. We may not like to admit it, but the fact remains that, we (the audience) love dirt.

If you do not believe that you love dirt, look at how much media coverage that scandals get. From Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky to Tiger Woods and Scandinavian chicks, we see the same reaction.

The same predictable reaction was expected when the media made allegations that NFL legend, Ray Lewis had used the antler extract to recover from a triceps injury.

The Super Bowl linebacker was asked about it. He explicitly denied ever using the supplement. His response only served to fuel media interest. The media launched a probe into the use of performance enhancing supplements in sports.

The results were shocking. Every single NFL player is jacked up on deer velvet extract.

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Deer Velvet Antler Supplements

Health Benefits of Deer Velvet Antler Extract

Deer velvet has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. In China, every portion has a specific medical application.

The upper portion, called wax piece is used in the treatment of stunted growth. It is also used as a growth tonic for children.

The middle portion, called blood piece is used in the treatment of arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. It is a joint disorder, common among senior citizens.

The bottom portion, called bone piece is used in the treatment of calcium deficiencies. It is also used in geriatric therapies.

In Asia, after the antlers are harvested from the deer, they are dried and sliced. The slices are boiled and drunk as tea.

Velvet Antler Spray
Velvet Antler Spray

Antler tea improves the functionality of the immune system. In Korea, the tea is drunk just before winter, in order to strengthen the immune system and ward off infections.

In the West, the extract is more widely applied.

In the West, doctors often prescribe it to children with mental retardation. It is given to children who are classified in the “failure to thrive” category. It improves memory and thinking skills.

It is used in the treatment of high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, joint aches, back aches, asthma, indigestion, weak bones, osteoporosis, liver disorder, kidney disorder, cold hands, cold feet, chronic skin ulcer and overactive bladder.

Getting Ripped with Deer Velvet Antler
Getting Ripped with Deer Velvet Antler

Deer Velvet Antler in Sports Nutrition

Velvet extract is the most powerful nutritional supplement in high performance sports.

Athletes love the extract because it increases the quantity of oxygen in blood. Oxygen is vital for cellular respiration. The more oxygen present in your bloodstream, the longer and faster you can run.

Antler extract contains the powerful active agent, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). IGF-1 is also called somatomedin C. IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids in a single chain with three intramolecular disulfide bridges.

IGF-1 stimulates protein synthesis, thus causing rapid cell replication.

Rapid cell replication has very outstanding effects. It means that, torn tissues are quickly repaired. Muscle tissues are frequently torn during strenuous exercises. Thanks to rapid cell replication, these tissues are quickly repaired.

Getting Toned with Velvet Antler
Getting Toned with Velvet Antler

The antler extract will tremendously increase your strength, stamina and endurance.

It greatly increases bone density. Bone density is an essential attribute for high performance athletes. Athletes with weak bones often find themselves in the hospital with broken ribs.

Deer velvet is a surprisingly powerful aphrodisiac. Unlike Viagra, deer velvet is 100% natural. After a few weeks of use, your libido will experience an all-time high.

Enter the brave new world of enhanced performance. Order the highly acclaimed deer velvet antler supplement now and get a sensational blast.

Testosterone Hike

The war on testosterones is destroying masculinity.

Make no mistake! A ruthless and concerted war is being waged against testosterones (T) in the West. Worse yet, the adversaries of masculinity are winning.

Between 1987 and 2007, the NERI (New England Research Institute) carried out a population-wide research on the average levels of serum T in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The conclusion of the study was published online on July 02, 2013 by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Pro Testosterone Supplements photo pic1ProTestosteroneSupplements_zps78a8a134.jpg
Pro Testosterone Supplements

On average, serum T levels had dropped by 15% over the last 2 decades.

Considering the importance of the manhood hormone, this news is alarming. The virility hormone is what makes men function. Without it, men will crumble and die. It is that alarming.

Low levels of the manhood hormone are equally bad news. The side-effect of low serum T levels include: reduced libido, reduced sex drive, reduced sperm count, reduced muscle mass, reduced strength, reduced bone density, reduced red blood cells, loss of hair, memory disruption and weak erections.

You might think that weak erections and reduced libido are the worst things that can ever happen to a man.

We beg to differ! Becoming a sucker is the worst thing that can ever happen to a man! This is precisely what the Western man is becoming _ a pathetic sucker!

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How To Increase Testosterone Levels

Causes of Falling Testosterone Levels

Nobody knows why the average serum T levels in the West are falling. The researchers from the NERI have postulated several theories to explain this trend.

The most favoured theories point to obesity and the drop in smoking as the most likely culprits.

Not a single scientist theorizes about the obvious culprit: FEMINISM.

Unbridled feminism is waging a war against masculinity. Women are not the only soldiers of feminism. Their soldiers include “white knights” and “manginas.” Their generals include powerful politicians such as Mr. Obama.

Thanks to feminism, some guys are leaving their jobs to stay home and take care of the children. They call themselves stay-at-home dads. Today, working men in America are expected to return home and do half of the house work.

Stay-at-home dads! How pathetic!

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Testosterone Boost

The cultural climate in the West is responsible for the falling levels of testosterone in men.

Getting Your Balls Back

Knowledge is half the battle. Applied information is power. Get informed and apply the information. Download and read the free EBook, “the Book of Zed,” by the Zen Priest. You owe it to yourself to become aware of the war being waged against your masculinity.

Do not marry! Date women, sleep with them, etc. But, do not marry!

Close your eyes and visualize all those men in your parliament or congress or whatever it is called in your country. Those men are just men. They are flesh and blood human beings like you. Where did their authority come from; to make the laws, that govern your relationship with the women, you have chosen to love?

There is nothing wrong with committing to a single woman, but it is a crime against yourself to allow law-makers to regulate your relationship with that woman.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters

Freedom is your natural state. Marriage is not. Marriage is an institution of emasculation. Only pussy-whipped males marry. Even these wimps regret their decision.

In 2013, 56% of Swedish marriages ended in divorce. In the USA, it was 49%. This means 1 in every 2 marriages ends up in a bitter divorce. If you thought, you were emasculated during marriage, wait till you get to the family court.

The family court is the place, where you discover that your children were never yours. In 92% of the divorce cases, women get full custody of the kids. The woman gets 50% of your assets. This includes the assets you acquired before you got married. It doesn’t end there. In addition, you still have to make monthly alimony (spousal support) payments to the ex-wife.

These days, marriage is for suckers.

Staying single is not enough to getting your testosterones back up. You have got to stay fit. Eat clean and train insane.

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Best Testosterone Boosters

Forget about all the crap being dished out by the burgeoning diet industry. Never starve yourself by going on a diet. The only foods, you must avoid are saturated fats (trans fats) like butter. Unsaturated fats like omega-3 fatty acids are good and necessary for your health.

“40minutes of intense training is better than 2hours of nonsense.” Jason Statham. Take it from a guy, who knows what he is talking about. Do resistance training and weight lifting.

Lastly, take pro testosterone pills. These are the best natural testosterone boosters available. Order the clinically acclaimed pro testosterone pills now and get a phenomenal blast in energy.