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The explosion in the sales of vapor cigarettes is unprecedented.
These days, you can hardly move two blocks without spotting someone vaping away. “It is the greatest invention since slice bread,” says PhD Julia Louis.
It is hard to believe that electronic cigarettes were only invented in 2003. The breakthrough experienced by this relatively new product is spectacular.
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Electronic cars have been around for decades but they have not been embraced by motorists.
Hydrogen powered cars have been around for decades; yet, no one is really interested in using them.
New products have a hard time breaking into already colonized markets. It takes nothing less than true merit for a product to make its mark.
Consumers are giving personal vaporizers all the merit they deserve. Today, e-cigs have become the preferred method of quitting smoking.
For decades, the desire to quit smoking has featured in the top priority of people’s “new year” resolutions.
As you well know, making a “new year” resolution is all too easy. The difficult part is in following through.
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Electronic Cigarette – Nicole Mejia

When it comes to following through, people fail abysmally. This is because smoking creates actual neurological pathways in your brain.
These neurological pathways crave daily stimulation. Any attempt at withdrawal will produce pain and agony.
In order to relieve the pain and agony, the smoker will invariably return to smoking.
Smoking is like any other habit. The most effective means to stop any habit is not withdrawal, rather replacing the habit with a different one.
Vaping provides smokers with the unique opportunity of replacing regular tobacco for electronic cigarettes.

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Best Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes offer a variety of unbeatable advantages over traditional cigarettes.
E-cigs provide vapers with a means of getting their nicotine fix without the poisoning that comes from burning tar.
The combustion of tar releases more than 410 different toxins. Smoking traditional cigarettes poison every single organ of your body.
No burning is involved with e-cigs. As a result, all the poisoning associated with tar is avoided.
In addition, the absence of burning means that ash is never produced. Hence, the need of an ash tray is eliminated.
The absence of burning provides another more conspicuous advantage.

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Most smokers have no clue of the number of fire accidents that are accidentally caused by smokers.
In the state of California, 90% of fires are accidentally caused by smokers. Countless people have died because some dude failed to put out his cigarette butt.
Traditional cigarettes do not only kill slowly after years of carcinogenic poisoning, but they also kill dramatically through burning.
Most smokers are unaware of just how pungent and repelling the smell of cigarettes smoke is.
The smell of cigarette smoke is extremely poignant. It will stick on your hair, clothes and car.
The smell will invade and colonize your house. It will stick on your furniture, walls and ceiling.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Your breath will be stronger than the odour of rotten eggs. After a while, smokers get used to this smell and cease to notice it.
Even though, smokers cease to notice the smell, everyone else around them does. If you have a non-smoking partner, you’ll never hear the end of it.
Personal vaporizers completely eliminate this problem. They do not produce any odour.
The habit of smoking can be very costly. Back in the 1980s, a good packet of cigarettes only costed a dollar.
These days, you won’t get any for less than $5. Even for moderate smokers, who consume half a packet per day, this can amount to more than $900 per year.
In some countries, that’s a guy’s monthly paycheck. Personal vaporizers will help you to save all that money.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

With personal vaporizers, only the initial investment in a starter kit is costly. After the initial starter kit cost, you only need to spend money on the e-liquid refill.
Vaping is the way of the future. Order your starter kit today and join the trend setters.
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